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Marble is everywhere these days. Not that it ever really went anywhere in the first place — in fact, it was here on earth long before us humans. Outfitting a kitchen or bathroom in the prized metamorphic rock requires a sizeable budget and regular maintenance. However, using marble accents to update your home decor is entirely feasible.

This white marble tray by Studio ‘Luna’ lends itself to styling and is suitable atop any surface. It’s easy to arrange objects into vignettes that play on texture, layering and depth. Display the tray on a nightstand, coffee table, vanity, bar cart or next to the sink.

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The Studio ‘Luna’ tray is made of solid marble, measuring 6 ¼” wide and 12 ½” long. It retails online through Nordstrom for $60 USD or $79 CAD — a worthwhile investment considering marble is perhaps the longest-standing design trend in history. The ancient Romans used it to decorate their homes; ergo, so can you.

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