Honestly, some people should just never be allowed near tools.

This brilliant plan to conserve water.

bathroom fail Photo: skyscrapercity

This door that needs to get in line.

home design fail-1 Photo: imgur

This pillar that doesn’t understand its purpose in life.

construction fail-3 Photo: imgur

And this one that only gets in the way.

construction fail Photo: Pinterest

This sign that has no concept of irony.

architecture fail Photo: imgur

This toilet seat that defies convention.

design fail-2 Photo: imgur

This building’s landscaping.

landscape design fail Photo: Pinterest

And this pool design.

penis pool Photo: Pinterest

This infuriating tile job.

tile fail Photo: imgur

This driveway that understands that life is an uphill battle.

design fail Photo: angryarchi

And this road that will overcome any obstacle.

road fail Photo: yupi.md

This sidewalk.

landscape fail Photo: Twitter

This toilet loft.

construction fail-2 Photo: imgur

This door that knows not all handles are created equal.

home fail Photo: imgur

This bathroom that doesn’t understand accessibility.

door fail Photo: imgur

And this ramp.

architect fail Photo: open.az

And this parking lot.

driveway fail Photo: imgur

This inconsiderate playground.

playground fail-1 Photo: imgur

And this inconsistent tower.

building fails Photo: imgur

This bathroom that tried to do too much with too little space.

building design fail Photo: Twitter

This stairway that’s a tribute to M.C. Escher.

stair design fail-3 Photo: imgur

And this one that thinks you should take the elevator.

stair fail Photo: Pinterest

This excess.

building fail-2 Photo: imgur

This door that should have been a window.

building fail-6 Photo: imgur

And this door that got it all backwards.

door fail Photo: imgur

This genius electrical work.

design fail-3 Photo: Pinterest

Here too.

handyman fail Photo: Pinterest

This DIY traffic cone toilet.

traffic cone toilet Photo: Pinterest

This bridge that’s just for show.

pool fail Photo: mwahaha

This bathroom that doesn’t believe in privacy.

bathroom fails Photo: Twitter

And this one that lacks spatial awareness.

bathroom design fail Photo: Pinterest

This impending lawsuit.

architecture fail-1 Photo: Pinterest

This home that wanted to be close to nature.

home fail-2 Photo: Pinterest

And this basketball court that wanted to be close to home.

design fail-4 Photo: imgur

And lastly, this poorly planned playground.

playground fail Photo: imgur

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