Live in an apartment building and don’t have a backyard? That’s okay, just gain access to the roof.

A picnic table with a built-in beer cooler.

picnic table beer cooler Photo: modernkitchenset

A hidden, sunken trampoline.

hidden-trampoline Photos: sunkentrampolines

Beside a pool disguised as a pond.

Trampoline and pond pool Photo: imgur

An outdoor movie theater.

outdoor movie theater Photo: AVS

An inflatable bubble tent.

Inflatable bubble tent Photo: Bulle d’R

A giant hammock for you and your 16 closest friends.

giant hammock Photo: Edinburgh Hacklab

Or if you’re not that popular, a three-person will do.

three-person hammock Photo: Trinity Hammocks

More unique hammock designs this way.

A waterfall.

backyard waterfall Photo: Pinterest

A treehouse that’s nicer than your neighbor’s actual house.

backyard tree house Photo: imgur

More tree house designs right here.

A lazy river.

backyard lazy river Photo: Elite Pools

A detached rec room.

backyard room Photo: Kenjo

A landscaped chessboard.

giant chessboard backyard Photo: bonneylassie

And a giant scrabble game.

backyard scrabble Photo: Pinterest

Or pool table.

giant pool table Photo: Pinterest

An outdoor shower.

outdoor shower Photo: Pinterest

A poolside climbing wall.

poolside climbing wall Photo: AquaClimb

Floating mini golf.

floating mini golf Photo: HomeDepot

And a floating poker table.

floating poker table backyard Photo: eBay

An outdoor kitchen with a swim-up bar.

outdoor kitchen with swim-up bar Photo: bravacasa

A swing bed.

swing hammock bed backyard Photo: Pinterest

A greenhouse converted into a bedroom for stargazing.

Kekkillä / Linda Bergroth 5.9.09 Photo: imgur

A giant DIY slip and slide.

backyard slip and slide Photo: imgur

All you need is a couple hundred yards of industrial plastic sheeting, dish soap and a hose.

A badass fire pit with swing seating.

fire bit Photo: ana-white

And another fire pit right in the pool.

fire pit pool Photo: pictures-of-luxury/Tumblr

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