wind turbine apartment building Renderings: Goetz Schrader

As wind turbines near ubiquity, German designer Goetz Schrader envisions a future in which the structures are not only a source of renewable energy, but a place to live too.

Schrader’s proposal, called “Wind Pecker,” imagines wind turbine parks as high-end housing communities — both on land and in the sea. As designboom explains:

The buildings are formed from highly insulated capsules that are wrapped around the gigantic trunks of the wind turbines — residents are able to access their apartments through a hollow vertical tube that leads them up the shaft of the turbine.

wind turbine apartment building 1 wind turbine apartment building 4

Not an entirely out-of-the-question concept, but there are obstacles to overcome before the vision becomes reality. As City Lab points out, there’s the conundrum of commuting for residents of offshore turbine parks, and a concern for repeat lighting strikes — but could this, perhaps, be remedied with traditional skyscraper lightning rods and crown frames?

Researchers and planners, get on this.

wind turbine apartment building 3 wind turbine apartment building 2

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