Once again, in ascending order, here are the 10 most-viewed new home listings. Which project topped our January ranking? Scroll down to find out.

10. Savoy by Truman Homes

Savoy Calgary condos

9. SoBow by M2I Development

Sobow calgary condos

8. Glas in Marda Loop by Avalon Master Builder

Glas in Marda Loop Calgary condos

7. LiFTT by Vericon Real Estate Ventures

LiFTT calgary condos

6. Sonoma at Nolan Hill by Morrison Homes


5. 6th and 10th by Lamb Development and Fortress Real Developments

6th and Tenth Calgary condos

4. Verve by Slokker Real Estate Group and Fram Building Group

Verve Calgary condos

3. Evolution by Embassy Development

Evolution Calgary condos

2. The Park by Lake Placid Group

The Park Calgary condos

1. The Guardian by Hon Towers

The Guardian Calgary condos

Calgary’s tallest residential development continue to stand tallest among the city’s most popular. Construction on both towers is moving along quickly, with The Guardian South now up to 34th floor and glass installation reaching the 40th floor on The Guardian North.

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