Toronto Tallest Buildings Photo: James Paolo/Flickr

Post cards of the Toronto skyline look oddly out of date as the the city grows rapidly upward. Over the last few years, a batch of particularly tall towers have broken ground, filling up the city and altering its appearance indelibly.

And more are on the way. In the City of Toronto’s Economic Dashboard report for February 2015, they list the 27 tallest structures currently under construction. The list, based on recent data from the CTBUH Tall Buildings Database, features both condos and office towers.

We mapped out the buildings to get a better sense of which parts of the city are seeing the most vertical growth. The downtown, specifically the South Core neighbourhood, clearly have most of the new tall towers, but even the outskirts are building up to new heights.

Take a look at the interactive map below to see what’s going up (and up and up):



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