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Last Friday we kicked off our weekly Instagramarama photo series by featuring some cold and snowy captures from around the world. This week, we’re heating things up with steel wool photography.

This type of photography is a form of light painting using fine grade steel wool, a whisk, and a leash for spinning. When lit up and spun, the steel wool creates a shower of sparks creating some beautiful and dramatic effects when shot with a slow shutterspeed.

Of course for safety’s sake, it’s best to do this on sand, concrete or in wet — less flammable — conditions.

Check out our favorite steel wool spinners from Instagrammers around the world.

On a bridge in Nashville.

A photo posted by Trey Andre (@treyandre) on

Photo: treyandre/Instagram

Beside a bridge in Toronto.

A photo posted by Pam (@bokeh1302) on

Photo: bokeh1302/Instagram

Under the moon in Palu.

Photo: sandersonambela/Instagram

Under a bean in Chicago.

A photo posted by Toby Pechner (@tpechner123) on

Photo: tpechner123/Instagram

In a cave in Vladivostok.

Photo: derzhik/Instagram

In a park in New York City.

A photo posted by Paul Seibert (@beholdingeye) on

Photo: beholdingeye/Instagram

In an abandoned building in Montreal.

Photo: fred514/Instagram

With mannequins in Melbourne.

A photo posted by Ben (@hoodied_explores) on

Photo: hoodied_explores/Instagram

Under the stars in Essex.

A photo posted by philiphilop (@philiphilop) on

Photo: philiphilop/Instagram

In a tunnel in London.


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