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A safe and affordable housing solution for hurricane zones? Cubicco, a flat-packed modular home that can withstand winds of up to 180 miles per hour and costs only $116,000.

Designed by a Dutch company of the same name, Cubicco has already been approved for use in some areas of Florida, including Greater Miami where, according to city code, it can be raised on stilts as high as 17-feet. So go ahead and build that sucker right along the beach, its sturdy facade of wood and cork will keep you safe from the incoming Category 5 storm. As Cubicco co-founder Owen Healy told Fast Company:

“When we glue and screw our corners, that’s stronger than a piece of plywood itself. If you think of an airplane fuselage, our entire facade is one solid piece.”

Even if you don’t live in Hurricane Alley, with such an affordable price tag you’re probably asking yourself ‘Can I build one in my town?’ You’ll need to get permission from city officials, but as Fast Company reports, that shouldn’t be too hard.

The Miami-Dade County code is said to be the strictest in the US. Cubicco, which was formed last year, is now planning projects in the Netherlands, around the US, and in the Caribbean.

Go ahead and start the ordering process here.

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