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If your Valentine’s Day plans involve binge-watching Netflix and idly swiping through Tinder, perhaps it’s time to consider relocating for love. A recent survey conducted by Nerdwallet, a personal finance site that collects and analyzes data to help consumers make informed decisions, has identified America’s top five cities for singles.

The survey weighed three factors — the percentage of unmarried men and women over the age of 15, dating affordability (the average cost of the classic dinner and movie date) and the vibrancy of each city’s arts and entertainment scene. Because the last US Census did not collect information on sexual orientation or gender identity, it was not possible to interpret the data for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered singles.

Boston took the number one spot, with 69 percent of its population unmarried, a Walk Score of 80 and the average cost of a night out at $83. Might we suggest taking a stroll into the North End and splitting a cannoli at Mike’s Pastry? As America’s original college town, Boston is teeming with young and educated singles.

Looking to snag a future senator in Washington, DC? It’s going to cost you. The average date price is $95, which may explain why its percentage of single people is higher than any other city in America (70 percent).

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Philadelphia, Baltimore and Cleveland rounded out the top five — proving that the west coast is definitely not the best coast for love. Philly was noted for its abundance of arts and culture, while Baltimore proved to be a lucky locale for single men. Cleveland, the only midwestern city in this year’s picks, was deemed the most affordable.

BuzzBuzzHome dug through Canada’s 2011 census data and discovered that cities on the east are more favorable for single men, while west coast cities are more favorable for single women. Montreal and Toronto had high populations of both single men and women, at over 50 percent. In 2011, for the first time since census taking began in Canada, single-person households actually outnumbered those of couple households with children.

Statistics, it seems, will help us all to feel less alone this Valentine’s Day.

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