For the latest in our series of real estate ad fails, the usual warning applies: some of these might be considered NSFW. You know, because of childish sex innuendos and all that.

Throw in free delivery and you have yourself a deal.

funny real estate sign 1 Photo: videobas

Poor guy.

dick payne Photo: imgur

“I will find you a home and haunt your dreams.”

creepy real estate sign Photo: imgur

Sure, I’ll get you full value. ;-)

bad realtor ad 2 Photo: imgur

Points for honesty.

bad real estat ad Photo: houstonhousingtrends

Seriously, guys?

mycock real estate signage Photo: imgur

This listing was billed as an “open-concept” home.

open concept home Photo: imgur

Can’t beat that.

bad real estate sign 4 Photo: thelaughingstork

Rod Stewart? terrible real estate ploy Photo: imgur

“Rod, I can’t get into the reasons why, but I need you to host an open house at 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. Can you do it?”

“I’m there.”

This is an actual realtor’s headshot.

realtor headshot Photo: imgur

And so is this specter.

ghost real estate agent Photo: estateagents.tumblr

“Luke, you must go to the Dagobah system.”

And this industry giant.

bad real estate agent headshot Photo: imgur

This dynamic duo.

awesome real estate sign Photo: imgur

8th best real estate team! 8TH!!

A reassuring sign.

bad real estate sign 4 Photo: realtydrama

Keeping it real.

crunk real estate Photo: imgur

More surprising than the agent’s choice to go by Dick rather than Richard is the fact that his domain name wasn’t already taken by porn.

funny realtor sign Photo: imgur

The most unpretentious realty company out there.

funny real estate ad Photo: imgur

Cool Ranch Doritos?! Hired.

bad real estate ad 3 Photo: easyproperty

A reduced price on a gorgeous riverfront property.

bad real estate sign 2 Photo: imgur

That’s a lot of trouble to go to for a bad pun. Respect.

terrible real estate ploy Photo: imgur

Do you think Craig sets up booby traps in his open houses?

bad realtor ad Photo: imgur


hero realtor billboard Photo: imgur

Need a realtor? This guy sounds like a safe choice.

condom man real estate ad Photo: imgur

Anita should have kept her maiden name.

bad real estate ad Photos: imgur

This totally chill sign in a tough market.

desperate real estate sign Photo: imgur

Must love animals (having outdoor sex).

funny real estate sign Photo: Pinterest

The realtor name game has been won. Everyone else go home.

funny real estate agent name Photo: imgur

Want full value for your home? Stay away from this guy.

free realtor Photo: imgur

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