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With its flower-shaped design and smart home features, UNStudio’s WIND House in the Netherlands is as flexible as it is environmentally-friendly.

Located outside a small village and close to the sea, the home was designed to adapt to a young family’s changing needs. Each of the home’s four facades curve toward the inside to create four petal-like wings. Each of these curving living spaces are interchangeable, so if the family wants to turn the living room into bedrooms or a work space, they can do that.

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All the home’s powered features — including its solar panels — can be controlled by smartphone or a central touchscreen. As UNStudio founder Ben van Berkel told Fast Company:

“It’s what everyone dreams of — that you can already heat up your house by phone before you come in, you can control the energy or the lights, or start the tea.”

This, says van Berkel, goes further than smart home gadgets like Nest:

“It should not only be the Internet of things — what’s most important is that you also try to combine it in the architecture of the house. The materials of the house are smart. The energy, the machinery, the insulation is smart.”

‘Smart’ as in sustainable. And so, with its solar panels, central air/water heat pump, and mechanical ventilation system with waste heat recovery, WIND House’s energy consumption is nearly zero.

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For more on the design, read the Fast Company article here.

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