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Thought Vancouver was Canada’s perennial “most livable city”? Not so says global consulting firm ECA International. The group’s annual ranking of the world’s best cities for “expatriate living conditions” deemed Toronto the most livable city for North Americans.

“Good air quality, solid infrastructure, decent medical facilities, low crime and health risks have contributed to Toronto topping the global ranking for quality of living for American assignees,” said ECA vice president Michael Witkowski in a release.

The list studies 450 cities around the world and evaluates them based on a number of factors that contribute to the overall quality of living, including climate, health services, housing and utilities, isolation, access to social network and leisure facilities, personal safety, infrastructure, political tensions and air quality.

Vancouver and Ottawa tied for third place on the global ranking while Boston and Seattle, both ranked seventh, were deemed the most livable US cities. Montreal was part of a eight-way tie for 14th place.

The top 21

1. Toronto, Canada
2. Dublin, Irish Republic
3. Copenhagen, Denmark
3. Zurich, Switzerland
3. Ottawa, Canada
3. Vancouver, Canada
7. Bern, Switzerland
7. Stockholm, Sweden
7. Seattle, USA
7. Boston, USA
11. Greenwich, USA
12. Geneva, Switzerland
12. The Hague, Netherlands
14. Stavanger, Norway
14. Gothenburg, Sweden
14. Basel, Switzerland
14. Vienna, Austria
14. Berlin, Germany
14. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
14. Eindhoven, Netherlands
14. Montreal, Canada

Take heart, Vancouver. There’s always another livability ranking.

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