Toronto most livable city

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Fresh off the heels of the ECA International report that ranked Toronto the most livable city, the Big Smoke has topped another global ranking. The Economist named the city the best place to live, followed by Montreal.

The magazine’s intelligence unit published its 2015 Safe Cities report which looked at 50 global cities. The report’s ranking for best places of live tracked three city-level indexes such as cost of living, safety and livability and three indexes at country level: business environment rankings, democracy index and global food security index.

Here are the top ten cities:

1. Toronto
2. Montreal
3. Stockholm
4. Amsterdam
5. San Francisco
6. Melbourne
7. Zurich
8. Washington, DC
9. Sydney
10. Chicago

The report also studied four main safety measures among the 50 global cities. Toronto ranked 21st for health security, 11th for digital security, eighth for infrastructure safety and seventh for personal security.

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