Want to get close to nature? Scroll through this collection of living spaces that blur the line between indoors and out.

An open-concept home in Joshua Tree National Park.

outdoor-inspired room black desert house Photos: Oller & Pejic Architecture

The Black Desert House by Oller & Pejic Architecture invites the outdoors in with its floor-to-ceiling windows and inner courtyards.

This rustic, mountainous bathroom.

outdoor shower Photo: imgur

And this bathroom that’s just as much outdoors as it is indoors.

indoor-outdoor shower Photo: imgur

And this one too.

outdoor bathroom Photo: Constance Lemuria Seychelles

An indoor-outdoor bathroom in the luxurious Constance Lémuria Seychelles resort, previously featured in our roundup of 13 outstanding outdoor bathrooms.

This bedroom oasis in the Arabian Desert.

outdoor room Photo: imgur

Keeping the sand at bay is a full-time job — but not yours. The room is part of the Banyan Tree Al Wadi resort in the United Arab Emirates. Book a stay here.

This house that literally invited the outdoors into the living room.

tree living room forest house Photos: PAZ Arquitectura

PAZ Arquitectura designed and built this home in a forested area of Santa Rosalía in Guatemala City.

And this one that did the same in the kitchen.

Tree kitchen and living room Photo: imgur

More homes that wrap themselves around nature here.

This house that instead of banishing winter, offers residents a front-row view.

Tree skylight room Photo: imgur

The view is good enough, no reason to actually go out into the cold.

This wooden home that feels like a luxury tree house.

glass tree living room Photo: imgur

This house with a glass facade overlooking an aquatic inner courtyard.

indoor-outdoor house Photo: imgur

Architect Iván Andrés Quizhpe‘s Loma House in Ecuador.

This beautiful tree house-inspired home with bridges and sun rooms.

glass house Photo: Cindy Shelton/YouTube

Take the video tour.

This open-air live-work space.

Loft 24-7 outdoor room Photo: imgur

For outdoor lovers, Loft 24/7 by Fernanda Marques has it all: an uncovered living room, pond-side office and reading nook, and more foliage than a jungle.

This indoor pool that’s been overrun by vines.

Vine house with indoor pool Photo: imgur

This ocean-side property with an infinity pool moat.

oceanfront bedroom Photo: imgur

Impossible to tell where the pool ends and the ocean begins.

This luxury tent retreat in Botswana’s Zarafa Camp.

luxury tent Photo: Zarafa Camp

Each of the 1,000-square-foot “tents” boast a lounge with a gas fireplace and World War II hand-crank phone, which guests use to order room service.

This tranquil Japanese tea house.

Japanese tea room Photo: imgur

This house that’s missing a few walls.

open air home Photo: Studio William Hefner

Because there’s no need for them in Southern California.

This kitchen with skylights, glass doors and stone tiles.

outdoor-inspired kitchen Photo: imgur

You’ll feel like you’re cooking in a campsite.

And finally, this log cabin nestled among a forest full of logs.

log cabin Photo: imgur

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