Well, if not easier than at least more fun.

This shower faucet with a built-in thermometer so you’ll never scald yourself again.

shower thermometer Photo: imgur

Or simply cut a hole through the glass door so you can test the water without having it spray all over the floor.

glass shower door hole Photo: imgur

Convert an unused kitchen drawer into a cutting board/food scraps disposal system.

ingenious home designs Photo: thefarmchicks

But where will your utensils go? This collection of DIY home organization tips offers a few clever suggestions.

Or free up even more space with this all-in-one rotating sink-colander-cutting board.

rotating sink Photo: imgur

If you want one contact the designers.

Turn your shower into a source of entertainment with mesmerizing dot illusion tiles. 

dot illusion bathroom tiles Photo: imgur

See it?

Grossed out by the people you live with? Layer toilet seats with tabs so everyone gets their own.

tab toilet seat Photo: freshhome

Is your garage adjacent to your kitchen pantry? Install a small door and you’ll never have to lug groceries through the house again.

pantry door Photo: luckyblogs

Is your bathroom in view of the TV? Turn the wall into a two-way mirror so you never miss a second of the big game.

two-way mirror bathroom Photo: imgur

It’s a not-uncommon trick of sports bars. Pictured above is Eddie George’s in Columbus.

Turn the unused space underneath your stairs into a bookcase.

bookshelf stairs Photo: imgur

Or a dog house.

dog house stairs Photo: Pinterest

Or wine rack.

wine rack staircase Photo: greenmuze

Declutter your entertainment center by hiding your accessories behind a hinged-TV wall mount.

secret tv storage Photo: capa.me

Keep your valuables safe in this secret compartment disguised as a bathroom tile.

hidden bathroom tile storage Photo: imgur

Worried about what might be waiting for you in the next room? Switch out your conventional doorknob for one that gives you a fish-eye view of the room ahead.

fish-eye doornob Photo: imgur

Prefer Netflix to magazines while you’re on the toilet? Mount hooks to the wall for a place to hang your tablet and you have yourself an in-bathroom entertainment center.

bathroom enternment center Photo: imgur

Don’t fumble around in the dark for the bathroom light switch, invest in a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat.

glow in the dark toilet seat Photo: nightglowseats

Buy one here.

Liven up your stairway with a play-able harp banister.

banister harp Photos: Inhabitat

Find out how it’s done here.

Bachelor pad? Put a urinal in your bathroom then install head rests above it so you can relax while you pee.

urinal with headrest Photo: imgur

Yep, this is a design for people too drunk to stand upright.

If you’re a germaphobe with roommates, consider a hands-free bathroom door handle.

hands-free door handle Photo: imgur

Throw out your dining room chairs and replace them with swings.

dining room swing Photo: Duffy London

Buy the Swing Table set here for $6,900.

Then remove the stairs in favor of a slide.

indoor slide Photo: imgur

Finally, install a drinking fountain in your home because there’s too many cooks in the kitchen.

home drinking fountain Photo: cotedetexas

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