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In honor of this week’s frigid temperatures, may we present to you this cross blanket by Swedish designer Pia Wallen. It’s insanely cozy and reversible — a win-win as far as throw blankets are concerned.

Measuring 63 inches (160 cm) by 94.5 inches (240 cm), the blanket is made from 100% organic Peruvian cotton. In addition to black, it is available in grey and orange. The pattern is reminiscent of the Scandinavian cross, featured on all the flags of the Nordic nations.

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The Pia Wallen cross blanket can be purchased online or in store for $275 from Mjölk, the esteemed Scandinavian and Japanese furniture gallery in Toronto’s Junction neighborhood.

Looking for more Scandinavian-style interior design tips to get you through the winter? Check out our interview with Mjölk co-founder, John Baker.

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