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In the digital age of do-it-yourself, it seems there is a hack or video tutorial to accompany nearly every design trend (but hey, we’re not complaining). Case in point: rope shelving units. They’re inexpensive, practical and accessible to anyone who knows how to properly use a drill.

But if crafting isn’t your strong suit, we’ve got an alternative. International design collective, Outofstock, makes a suspension bridge inspired shelf to stylishly organize your books, trinkets and photographs. While assembly is required, these shelves are admittedly more stable thanks to their detachable, metal suspension clips. The bridge shelf is available in white or green with natural wood boards. Plus, it’s fully customizable and can be configured in a number of ways.

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Outofstock sells their product through Bolia, a Danish furniture company, for 3,699 DKK or about $564 USD. Not willing to deal with the hassle of international shipping? Use your Google Translate skills to build this DIY version from French design blog Tête d’ange.

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