XII pent Technology is intended to make our lives easier — so easy, in fact, that it can be a little creepy. The XII, a new condominium in Calgary’s Mission district, will be outfitted with smart, automatic parking that learns your daily schedule, shuffling your car closer to the front of the queue at the time when you typically leave for work. The residences’ multi-level penthouse suite boasts two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. Plus, its private rooftop terrace is even more spacious than the interior itself — consider it an oasis in the urban jungle.

lower xii 2

penthouse upper xii  2
Size: 3,077 (interior), 3,508 (deck) square feet

Price: $5,800,000

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Development: The XII

Developer: AXIOM Builders

Highlight: The outdoor spiral staircase connecting the first level terrace to the second.

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