The holidays are over. It’s time to put away the decorations and get your home organized for a new year.

Upcycle old drawers and turn them into shelves

drawer shelf Photo: DIYForLife

Organize all your leftover holiday wine with PVC piping

pvc wine rack Photo: CustodyDuct

Install a pegboard underneath your computer desk and use zip ties and safety hasps to rein in all your cables and accessories

pegboard computer desk Photos: Decluttered

Detailed instructions here.

Or simply use a curtain to cover up the mess of wires

curtain wire Photo: blines58

Hide an unsightly fuse box or thermostat with a hinge painting

hinge painting Photo: One Kings Lane

Install swivel stools underneath your kitchen island for space-saving seating

swivel stool Photo: HouseBeautiful

Use a shoe organizer as a pantry organizer

shoe organizer turned pantry organizer Photo: house-organization

Build a shelf above every door in your house for additional storage

over the door shelf Photo: Lucia Duarte/Pinterest

Hang pots and pans from towel racks to save cupboard space

towel rack pots and pans Photo: sanbds

Attach pipe straps to the inside of your cabinet doors to hang utensils

????????????????????????????????????? Photo: 1001consejos

Or store your utensils in vases to save drawer space

utensils vase storage Photo: BackBayPottery/Etsy

Magnets in your kitchen, magnets in your garage, magnets in your bathroom!

magnetic knife board magnetic garage tool magnetic bathroom organizer Photos: fortikur, diyncraftsdarkroomanddearly

Use curtains to hide your open storage shelves

storage shelf curtain-1 storage shelf curtain-2 Photos: imgur

There’s no better bathroom storage solution than mason jars and pipe straps

mason jar storage Photo: beautyandbedlam

Or you can nail lids to the bottom of a cabinet

mason jar storage kitchen Photo: HGTV

Buy a toilet paper holder/table for additional counter and storage space in the bathroom

toilet paper table Photo: Amazon

Install outlets in your drawers to hide away electronics and reduce clutter

outlet drawer Photos: haikudesigns

All you need is one of these bad boys.

Then hide away the router and modem in a storage box

hiding router-1 hiding router-2 Photos: livingwellonthecheap

Use doorknobs to hang extra shower caddies in the bathroom

door knob shower caddy Photos: apartment therapy

Or hang them elsewhere as crafting or tool stations

shower caddy crafts station Photo: Pinterest

Use cutlery trays to organize bathroom drawers

bathroom cutlery tray Photo: atgstores

Finally, buy a couple of pegboards and organize your laundry room and garage

pegboard cleaning supplies diy home organizating tips Photos: losinghornsstructuretech1

Want even more handy home organizing tips? Right this way.

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