Here now, a collection of living spaces so warm and cozy you’ll wish for a polar vortex all year, every year.

This rustic room with bed posts made from trees.

tree post bed Photo: imgur

This wooded cabin with a central, floating fireplace.

cozy living room with fireplace Photo: imgur

And here too.

floating fireplace Photo: imgur

This intimate loft with a view of the Italian Alps.

intimate loft bedroom Photo: imgur

A room in Camelot 2, a cottage by Italian design firm Con3.

This whimsical window bed.

cozy bed Photo: imgur

This glass shed converted into a lakeside guest house.

cozy bedroom shed Photo: imgur

Garden Shed is a solar-powered cottage by Finnish design firm Avanto Architects.

This bedroom attic with an in-suite bathtub.

bedroom bathroom attic Photo: imgur

More living spaces that blur the line between bedroom and bathroom over here.

This simple loft cabin.

loft cabin Photo: imgur

And this posh ski chalet in the Swiss Alps.

cozy swiss living room Photo: imgur

Or this one in Switzerland.

luxury cabin Photo: imgur

This attic that’s all bed.

cozy attic Photo: imgur

And this one that adds a bit of carpeting.

attic-7 Photo: imgur

More amazing attics this way.

This penthouse with a view in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Chalet window Photo: MountainExposure

The Heinz Julen Penthouse sleeps eight and is available for rent.

This bathroom that looks more like a living room.

bathroom with fireplace Photo: imgur

This open house in the woods.

little house in the woods Photo: imgur

This luxury tree house that’s close to nature and nicer than your real house.

cozy luxury tree house Photo: imgur

This one too.

Luxury tree house Photo: Kent Cottage Holiday

15 more incredible tree houses this way.

This wood beam loft retreat.

loft living room Photo: imgur

This welcoming bed.

cozy winter room Photo: imgur

This hidden sleeping spot.

cozy hidden bed-1 Photo: imgur

This hot tub that’s ideally situated next to the fireplace.

fireplace and hot tub Photo: imgur

Or this outdoor fireplace on a covered patio.

covered cozy patio Photo: imgur

Also, this.

porch fireplace Photo: imgur

This warm cabin with vaulted ceilings.

cozy ski chalet Photo: imgur

La Muna is the award-winning winter home in Aspen that architect Chad Oppenheim designed for himself and his family.

And finally, this cozy bedroom with a reading nook.

bedroom with reading nook Photo: imgur

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