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An affordable housing solution, and a means to secure stalled construction sites — that’s the concept behind the Heijmans ONE homes by an Amsterdam real estate developer of the same name.

The simple structures can be built in a day and are easily transported to various sites, which, as the developer intended, are vacant construction lots where work has been delayed for years because of the economic crisis. As Anneke Timmermans, project lead for Heijmans told Fast Company:

“Because of the delay, these locations get a bad image, which makes future development even harder. By placing Heijmans ONE houses on these plots for temporary use, the landowner gets residents to guard the land, and a positive image for free. Because of this, we don’t have to pay any fee for using this land, which would be vacant anyway—and that helps us keep the rent for the homes low.”

The wooden, loft-style homes are leased for 700 euros a month, or just over $800 USD. While they are outfitted with solar panels for power, the bathrooms and kitchen still connect to the city’s water and sewer services, but the plan is to eventually move the design completely off grid.

Heijmans ONE-1 Heijmans ONE-3 Heijmans ONE-4 Heijmans ONE-5 Heijmans ONE-2 Heijmans ONE-6

There are currently only two Heijmans ONE test sites in Amsterdam, but the developer will build thirty more in the fall before potentially expanding the program to other countries. For more, check out the Fast Company article here.

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