Skyscraper authority Emporis has updated its list of the world’s most expensive buildings. One notable finding from the ranking is that the tallest buildings don’t necessarily come with the highest construction costs. Indeed, half of the buildings in the top 10 are less than 41 stories.

10. CapitaGreen in Singapore — $1.4 billion

CapitaGreen Photo: ArchDaily

Height: 794 feet, 40 floors

Billed as the greenest building in Singapore’s Central Business District, the CapitaGreen office tower features a host of green spaces and garden terraces spread out on levels 14 and 26.

9. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort in Huzhou, China — $1.5 billion

Huzhou Photo: imgur

Height: 335 feet, 27 floors

Okay, $1.5 billion for a 27-story building isn’t exactly a bargain, but that’s the price one pays for a donut-shaped architectural marvel straddling a lake.

8. Burj Khalifa in Dubai — $1.5 billion

burj most expensive buildings Photo: KhanSaqib/Flickr

Height: 2,717 feet, 163 floors

Compared to some of the other buildings on this list — which are all smaller than the world’s tallest structure — the construction tab for the Burj Khalifa was downright reasonable.

7. Gold Coast University Hospital in Gold Coast City, Australia — $1.55 billion

Gold Coast University Hospital most expensive buildings Photo: simon.morris/Flickr

Height: 9 floors (no specific height given)

The astronomical cost of the seven-building complex can largely be attributed to the costly medical equipment that it was built to house.

6. Taipei 101 in Taipei — $1.76 billion

Taipei 101 worlds most expensive buildings Photo: 藍山風/Flickr

Height: 1,670 feet, 101 floors

One of the most expensive aspects of the project was the inclusion of a 900-ton tuned mass damper, which was installed on the 87th floor to counter earthquakes and typhoons.

5. The Shard in London — $1.9 billion

the shard most expensive buildings Photo: imgur

Height: 1,004 feet, 73 floors

In late 2007, the gathering uncertainty in the global financial markets sparked concerns about the viability of the Shard. However, in January 2008, the developer, Sellar Property Group, announced it had secured a consortium of Qatari investors who had paid approximately $234 million to secure an 80 per cent stake in the project.

4. The Palazzo in Las Vegas — $1.9 billion

Palazzo Exterior 091 Photo: Palazzo Las Vegas/Flickr

Height: 643 feet, 53 floors

When it was completed in 2007, the 3,068-room Palazzo beat out the Pentagon for the title of America’s largest building based on square footage.

3. Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide, Australia — $2.1 billion

PICEDITOR-ILM Rendering: SA Health

Height: 135 feet, 11 floors

In 2011, a local newspaper reported that taxpayers would have to foot an average $397-million bill annually for 30 years, beginning in 2016 (when construction is complete), to pay off the hospital.

2. Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest — $3 billion

heaviest building Photo: Wikimedia

Height: 276 feet, 12 floors

The world’s second most expensive building is also its heaviest — two titles that go hand-in-hand as the palace was built from 1.5 billion pounds of steel and bronze combined with 35.3 million cubic feet of marble, 7.7 million pounds of crystal glass and 31.7 million cubic feet of wood.

1. One World Trade Center in New York City — $3.9 billion

One world trade center most expensive building Photo: Andrew Dallos/Flickr

Height: 1,775 feet, 104 floors

Why did the 104-story One World Trade Center cost more than twice as much as the 163-story Burj Khalifa? Because, according to New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman, it “required unprecedented fortifications at astronomical costs, on an immensely difficult site.”

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