Historic photos give us a glimpse of what Toronto has gained and lost over the years. In our latest then-and-now installment, we’ve lined up more photographs dating back to the 1890s with recent pictures to see how much Toronto has evolved over the years.

While there have been some stark changes — the Art Gallery of Ontario sprouting around The Grange and a former blacksmith’s shop serving frozen yogurt in the 21st century — it’s nice to see some things have more staying power. That round sign atop the Silver Dollar Room? That appears to be eternal.

All heritage images are from the Toronto Public Library while recent photos are by James Bombales.

Enjoy! When you’re done, check out our then-and-now photo posts on downtown Toronto, sundry intersections and the East End.

Spadina Avenue and Nassau, northwest corner, the 1910s

The Grange at the head of John Street, 1897

Spadina Avenue, looking northwest from College Street, 1960

The Former Toronto Athletic Club, College Street, between University Avenue and McCaul, 1957

Spadina Avenue, looking north from College Street, 1908

Fire Hall at Bellevue and College Street, 1954

College Street and Spadina Avenue, northwest corner, 1892

John Rydall Blacksmith Shop, Bloor and Croft Street, 1915

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