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Here at BuzzBuzzHome, we’ve seen our fair share of unusual home selling tactics. From property photos insinuating group sex to an offering of $1,000 worth of beer on closing day, today’s realtors are eager to set their listing apart.

With help from Dutch bank ABN AMRO, broker Verder met Wonen took an entertaining (and admittedly more wholesome) approach to selling this house in the town of Ermelo.

Prospective buyers hitched a ride on a mini roller coaster to tour the property — starting in the driveway, riders dart their way through the garage and up the stairs to the first floor. The well-appointed kitchen leads into the living room, featuring a sun lounge and French windows.

The coaster picks up speed as it heads out onto the verandah and up to the second floor bedrooms. The big drop ensues out of a second-storey window and into the backyard (which we should note, was re-landscaped in 2012).

Sadly, the roller coaster will be dismantled once the five bedroom home is sold. Huizen Promoter, the real estate agency behind the 90-second clip, is running a monthlong campaign for homeowners to draw “extra attention from potential buyers.” Other prizes include radio commercials, marketplace banners, the cover of a daily newspaper and billboards.

Watch the video below — and don’t forget to click CC for English subtitles. Unless, of course, you speak fluent Dutch, and in that case, laat maar.

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