There are 5 million inhabitants and over 2 million saunas in Finland — an average of one sauna per household. What do the Finns know that we don’t? Saunas are the best. Hot tubs too. You should really install one or the other in your house. Need some ideas? How about…

This lakeside sauna in Ontario

Sauna sauna-1 sauna-2 Photos: Partisans

The Grotto Sauna is an 800-square-foot sweat chamber perched on the edge of a private island just outside Toronto.

This majestic hot tub chalet in the Rocky Mountains

hot tub dream home Photo: imgur

This floating sauna in Finland

sauna raft Floating sauna Saunalautta Photos: Saunalautta/Facebook

We’re pretty sure this thing is available for rent.

This hot tub on top of the world

dubai hot tub Photo: imgur

Found high up Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet.

This hot tub that’s bigger than your condo

giant hot tub Photo: spambient

The Luxema 8000 Swim Spa seats, let’s say 36, and has flat screen TV and 130 jets.

This classy and classic Swedish sauna

swedish sauna Photo: imgur

This hot tub with the perfect view in Norway

norway northern lights hot tub Photo: imgur

This DIY cauldron hot tub in Russia

russian hot tub Photo: imgur

This fireside hot tub in a cozy wooded retreat

fireplace hot tub Photo: imgur

This barrel sauna next to your pool

barrel sauna Photo: AlmostHeaven

Buy one here.

This boat hot tub

boat hot tub Photo: imgur

It can be yours for $42,000.

Or this Mario-approved hot tub

mario brothers hot tub cover Photo: imgur

This hot tub inside a mountain igloo

igloo hot tub Photo: OnTheSnow

Every season hot tubs are airlifted to exclusive igloo/ice hotel ski retreats in Switzerland and Austria. Pictured here is the Iglu Village in Zermatt, Switzerland.

This cruise ship sauna with an ocean view

Cruise ship sauna Photo: KLAFS

Book a stay on the AIDAsol cruise line here.

This hot tub cave in Santorini, Greece

cave hot tub Photo: imgur

Just as the Gods intended.

This gondola sauna in the Finnish Lapland

sauna gondola-1 sauna gondola-2 Photos: Yllas

If you can’t stand the heat during the 20-minute ride up the mountain, well, too bad. Leaving is not an option.

And this eight-man gondola hot tub

hot tub gondola Photo:

Totally worth a sake toast.

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