boulder cabin-1 Photos: Bureau A

The Antoine Cabin by Swiss architecture firm Bureau A is a cozy wooden cabin disguised as a boulder in the Les Ruinettes sculpture park in the Swiss Alps.

Find the structure’s small hidden door and you’ll be taken inside the one-person space that boasts a stove, dining area, bed, window and even a skylight.

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The shelter’s design was inspired by the Swiss novel “Derborence” by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, which tells the tale of a man who was buried — and survived — beneath a rock slide for seven weeks. Speaking to Fast Company, Bureau A designer Leopold Banchini says the Antoine Cabin is open to anyone who wants to spend a night in the mountains:

“…people can also just use it to rest for a while or to eat their sandwich with they hike in the region.”

The one thing Banchini doesn’t expect it will be used for, ironically given its inspiration, is as an emergency shelter. “In case of really bad weather, it could be used as a shelter,” he [told Fast Company]. “But since it’s hidden, you would already need to know of its existence.”

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