As was the case with our collection of cringe-worthy real estate ads, some of these are borderline NSFW (because architects are childish and can’t resist building things that look like penises).

This garage that’s still waiting for flying cars

architecture fail-9 Photo: Pinterest

This window that should have been be a door

architecture fail-1 Photo: imgur

This apartment building that doesn’t understand boundaries

architecture fail-7 Photo: imgur

This one too

CEN_RoadHome_02.jpg Photo: imgur

This balcony that’s missing something

architecture fail-2 Photo: imgur

And these ones that are just a little off

balcony fail Photo: Twitter

This house that was built without a level

slanted house Photo: imgur

This town center that should have never been erected

architecture fail-3 Photo: imgur

And this school

architecture fail-4 Photo: imgur

Also this building

Architecture fail Photo: Google Earth

And this one

phallic building Photo: imgur

And this bridge

architecture fail Photo: imgur

And (the last of the phallic flubs) this parking lot

architecture fail-6 Photo: Google Earth

This escalator that for some reason never seems to be working

architecture fail-8 Photo: imgur

And this one that could use a little more head room

elevator fail Photo: imgur

This intimate public bathroom

bad bathroom-1 Photo: imgur

Or this one that doesn’t understand privacy

bad bathroom-4 Photo: imgur

And this one that takes the half bath concept too literally

half bathroom Photo: imgur

Here too

bad bathroom-2 Photo: imgur

These stairs to nowhere…

stairs Photo: imgur

…that could have been used here

Photo: zapilili

Also, this

stair fail Photo: Twitter

This playground that hates children

scary slide Photo: biskvitka

This chicken church

bird church Photo: imgur

This drunk hotel

architecture fail-11 Photo: imgur

This bank machine that makes you work for you money

bank machine fail Photo: damviro

Here too

bank machine Photo: imgur

This classroom that needs a lesson in spacing

building fail Photo: imgur

The view from this window

window fail Photo: Twitter

And finally, this driveway that’s an insurer’s nightmare

bad driveway Photo: jumbojoke

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