Sugamo Shinkin Bank 1 Rendering: Daisuke Shima/Nacasa & Partners

When you think of places where you’d like to spend any significant amount of time, your local bank branch doesn’t typically jump to mind.

Together with Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design want to change that perception through imaginative architecture and bright and colorful interior design.

For the Japanese credit union’s new Nakaaoki branch in the city of Kawaguchi, a suburb of Tokyo, the architecture firm was tasked with creating “a bank where people wish to stay longer and naturally feel [like they want] to come back again.”

Brightly colored floating cubes of varying depths will protrude from the bank’s facade with some acting as planters for trees and shrubs.

Because the bank is located at the corner of a busy intersection, the architect wanted to create a rhythmic facade that would enable shifts in perception as passersby viewed it from different angles.

Have a look at another exterior rendering and an interior shot below:

Sugamo Shinkin Bank 2 Rendering: Daisuke Shima/Nacasa & Partners

Sugamo Shinkin Bank 3 Rendering: Daisuke Shima/Nacasa & Partners

This will be the fourth branch that the Japanese credit union has commissioned Emmanuelle Moureaux to design. Moureaux is originally from France but has been based in Tokyo since 1996.

Read more about the design on Arch Daily.

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