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The stretch of Mid-Market around Twitter and other tech headquarters is trending #filthy.

The four-block run of Market Street, from 7th to 11th streets, is the dirtiest commercial corridor in San Francisco, according to a report released last week by the city controller’s office.

For the 2014 Street and Sidewalk Maintenance Standards report, 10 inspectors evaluated 366 spots in the city along 184 routes, SFGate reported. The inspectors judged each site by the presence of litter, leaks, spills, grime, offensive odors, graffiti, overflowing trash bins, unkempt/unhealthy trees and other criteria.

Mid-Market from 7th to 11th was also the second-smelliest commercial street, beat out by the four-block segment of Taylor Street between Market and O’Farrell Street. Rounding out the top rank(ed) commercial routes were Duboce Avenue, under the Central Freeway from Valencia to Potrero, and Third Street in Bayview, from Oakdale to Williams Avenue. In lower Nob Hill, Bush Street from Mason to Larkin was the most fetid residential route.

Residential streets generally scored better than their commercial counterparts, except when it came to tree-related standards. The most frequent problems encountered by inspectors were “tree cleanliness, graffiti on public surfaces maintained outside of Public Works and feces/needles/condoms,” the report notes. When it came to the the dreaded trifecta of poop, condoms and hypodermic needles, only 58 percent of residential paths and 55 percent of commercial walkways passed the city’s zero-tolerance standard (think about that next time you’re tempted to wear flip-flops on the sidewalk).

And if you’re really concerned about keeping it clean, check out this San Francisco poop map that shows your chances of stepping in excrement in the city.

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