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Forget the traditional office. The workplace of the future, according to global design firm IDEO, is an autonomous mobile pod that picks up employees and whisks them away to a “Work On Wheels” site.

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Such a system, the designers says, would help to drastically reduce commute times while offering flexible and changing work environments.

“Food trucks, laundry, mobile dentistry, and other ad hoc services can pop up around a Work On Wheels site, ready to serve people working there,” IDEO explains on their website.

mobile office

These mobile offices of the future would, of course, run off an electric power grid while employing GPS, route- and object-sensing technology for navigation.

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“The concept takes advantage of autonomous vehicle technology to provide flexible working spaces on demand reducing peak commuting loads and putting spaces such as parking lots to use in cities that have critical space needs,” IDEO designer and portfolio director Ricardo Figueiroa tells Designboom.

The autonomous office is the third-phase of a three-part concept that explores the future of automobility. The first two phases deal with an on-demand delivery service and a self-driving car/lounge.

Read more about the concept on Designboom and on IDEO’s website.

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