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Japanese retailer Muji is finally making its way to Canada — on Saturday, November 29th, ‘Muji Atrium Bay’ will open at 20 Dundas Street West in Toronto. The name ‘Muji’ is short for Mujirushi Ryohin, which translates to “no-brand quality goods,” — an adage the company takes very seriously. Muji does not conduct market research, spends virtually nothing on advertising and avoids waste in its production and packaging to cut down costs.

The retailer sells a variety of goods, such as furniture, stationery, apparel, food items, kitchen appliances, storage containers, electronics and beauty products — think of it as your new favourite one-stop shop for stylish, holiday gifts.

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This acrylic coffee table retails on Muji’s European online store for about $220 CAD. Its transparent finish creates the illusion of space and luminosity. The built-in magazine rack makes use of underutilized space and adds colour to the otherwise minimalist design.

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Muji’s flagship Canadian store will stock only one quarter of its extensive range of products. However, the company hopes to expand over the next few years, offering more consumer and household products and opening new stores across the US and Canada.

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