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It’s got the classic like a party room and fitness centre, but Menkes’ new condo project also has an amenity your kids will thank you for: a playroom.

And it’s really something else. The colourful 500-square-foot space at The Eglinton will feature ample space for circle-time, storytelling and arts and crafts for the little ones, as well as bean bag chairs, climbers, and low stools galore.

Designed by Mike Niven and planned with the the help of child development consultants, the playroom at The Eglinton is perfect for the growing cohort of young families who no longer dream of the big house in the suburbs, but a condo in the city.

“In some of our buildings we started seeing kids’ groups taking over party rooms or yoga rooms and taking adult-designed space,” said Jared Menkes, vice president of Menkes Developments, in an interview with the National Post.

“So we said, ‘Let’s create a proper room that’s kid-friendly [so] people don’t feel weird booking [adult] space and having a kids’ singalong class or whatever it may be.’ They can book the kids’ room and do what they want.”

The playroom will debut in late 2018 at The Eglinton, a 34-storey, 445-unit tower located at 161 Eglinton Avenue East near Yonge and Eglinton.

Suites start in the mid $200,000s.

For more information call 416-591-7700.

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