You all know Donald Trump…

As a billionaire real estate developer and investor whose named is imprinted on dozens of buildings all over the world…

Trump Tower Chicago Chicago’s Trump Tower. Photo: olsonj/Flickr

As an intimidating reality show host who relishes firing incompetent people on TV…

The_Apprentice_Logo Photo: Wikipedia

As a potential Republican presidential nominee…

Trump CPAC Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

His defining physical characteristic is undeniably his trademark golden locks, which, despite being in his late-60s, Trump maintains are as real as the towers that bear his name.

donald Trump Rick Perry-compressed Photo: Governor Rick Perry/Flickr

Donald Trump

Trump locks-compressed

But we’ve always wondered what Donald Trump would look like without his signature mane. Would you still be able to recognize him if he went with a more traditional look.

Find out…

What do you think? Does Donald Trump without his Trump look like the high-power super investor you all know and (maybe?) love?

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