The same rooftopping crew that climbed the Shanghai Tower earlier this year without permission or safety equipment, were up to their old tricks again in October, this time targeting a building in Hong Kong.

The slickly produced video, filmed with a series of GoPro cameras and a drone, shows the trio gaining access to the roof and then hacking into the building’s electronic billboard controls to display the cheeky message: “What’s up Hong Kong?”

What's up Hong Kong

It’s a harrowing, vertigo-inducing scene — but was it staged?

Unlike their stunt at the Shanghai Tower construction site, the crew didn’t wait for the cover of dark to begin their climb and they seem to avoid all manner of alarms and security. And then there’s a number of conspicuous brand name cameos throughout.


Clever marketing ploy or not though, the video is still a delightfully terrifying thrill ride. Take a look.

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