Micro living can’t possibly get any smaller than this 86-square-foot apartment. Seriously, in metric terms that’s only eight square meters.

Nearly every fixture and piece of furniture in the Parisian studio hides behind a functional wall. Pull open a “cupboard” and out comes a bookshelf that doubles a set of stairs which will take you up to a bed on the second level.

86-square-foot micro apartment 1

Another drawer reveals a closet.

86-square-foot micro apartment 2

Then of course you have a pull-out table with two chairs that are stored underneath.

86-square-foot micro apartment 3

The kitchenette is filled with it’s own space-saving features, including a fridge, microwave and cooktop that hide beneath the counter, as well as a folding shelf that covers the sink when you need more counter space.

86-square-foot micro apartment 4

The bathroom, which is also concealed behind the main wall, is completely covered in tiles so you can easily clean the toilet, sink and surfaces with the giant rain shower head.

86-square-foot micro apartment 6

Architecture firmĀ Kitoko Studio used the Swiss Army Knife as inspiration when they renovated the space that used to be a maid’s quarters.

And while it may not have all the bells and whistles of the famous eight-room, 420-square-foot apartment in New York, it’s comparably functional. And probably a lot cheaper too.

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