Oh, your condo balcony has a sliding glass door? Big deal. These homes have entire walls that can be flipped, pulled, pushed or folded open.

open windowPhoto: Olson Kundig Architects

Northern Idaho’s Chicken Point Cabin boasts a 60-square-foot swinging window wall that opens up to the surrounding forest and lake.

retractable windowretractable window-5Photos: BWArchitects

An historic Greenwich Village townhome with a steel-frame retractable skylight powered by an industrial hand crank. How delightfully antiquated.

window doors700 palm residencePhotos: Ehrlich Architects

Ehrlich Architects’ 700 Palms Residence is an indoor-outdoor oasis in which each side of the house can be exposed to the elements, whether it be by a 20-foot glass door at the entrance or the retractable wall in the living room.

Villa-AmanziPhoto: Villa Amanzi

A suite with sliding walls in Thailand’s luxury Villa Amanzi. Want to book a stay? Nightly rates range from $2,000 to $5,500 depending on the season.

open-concept dining roomPhoto: imgur

All three wall surrounding this sprawling dining room in Robinson Architects‘ Marcus Beach House open up to the majestic surroundings of Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

retractable windowPhoto: imgur

A 6,500-square-foot villa on the Mediterranean Sea with a 30-foot-tall, 18-ton sliding glass facade.

retractable window penthouseretractable window penthouse-2Photos: Threefold Architects

Atop a mixed-use development in London, this loft-style solarium penthouse comes complete with retracable window walls that open onto a rooftop patio.

retractable window-3drew house windowPhotos: Anthill Construction

Located near Gladstone, on the east Australian coast, the Drew House by Simon Laws of Anthill Construction was built as a sort of luxury campsite. The living room boasts a circular window with triangular panels that open up and the fill the home with fresh air.

glass bedroomPhoto: imgur

From Moon Hoon, the same architect that brought you the Starwars House, comes another spaceship-inspired design featuring sliding glass walls in almost every room.

window penthousePhoto: homedsgn

The entire facade of this Beirut penthouse by DW5 Design Studio is a two-story window that slides open and close.

folding windows-2Photo: imgur

Recently listed for $10 million, this London apartment with folding windows is situated along the iconic River Thames.

opening windowsPhoto: imgur

Window panels that pop open as easy as your medicine cabinet.

glass house-2Photo: Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

A pie-shaped retractable window wall feature in Nico Van Der Meulen Architects’ 22,260-square-foot glass house in Johannesburg, South Africa.

shipping container home-2shipping contaner home-1Photos: Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects

Located on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula, this open-concept container home reinterprets the local building tradition of crafting wood.

retractable window penthouse-2Photos: Braden Gunem

A 1,517-square-foot cabin in Nederland, Colorado with garage door windows. Nicely done, architecture firm Tomecek Studio.

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