bath The Goldman Group and the LASH Group of Companies have been elevating the Toronto skyline for well over half a century. Now, they’re teaming up on The Barrington Condominium Flats, an 18-storey, 93 unit tower in the heart of St. Clair West. BuzzBuzzHome News chatted with developers Murray Goldman and Larry Blankenstein to find out how the project is coming along and to learn more about their vision for the surrounding neighbourhood.

BuzzBuzzHome: How have you enjoyed working together on the Barrington?

Murray Goldman: We’ve been together about ten years and I don’t think we’ve ever had any arguments. I think that’s because I am such a gentle soul that whenever Mr. Blankenstein wants something done I say, ‘Okay.’

Larry Blankenstein: I have to say it’s been a great relationship. He has a vision and we have a way to make it happen.

BBH: How does this project in particular fit into your respective portfolios?

MG: It’s really a continuum — this is the third building on this exact corner that we’ve done. We have transformed the entire area. It’s now gentrified and upscale, and we’re pleased to continue it.

LB: We believe very strongly in the St. Clair West neighbourhood.

BBH: Both your companies are known for revitalizing entire neighbourhoods with your projects — how has the experience been in St. Clair West?

MG: It has fit the mould, almost perfectly. We’ve made the neighbourhood more upper scale, property values have increased since we’ve put these buildings in. Not to say that property values in Toronto haven’t increased elsewhere — they have — but I believe they have increased slightly disproportionately here in the Bathurst and St. Clair West area because of these buildings.

LB: We’ve brought life back to St. Clair West. Now a lot of restaurants and stores want to come into this area. It’s been rejuvenated. It’s now a lively, great neighbourhood to live in.

BBH: How do you predict this neighbourhood will look in ten years time?

MG: I believe we have started, I won’t say an avalanche, but we’ve gotten the ball rolling. Three or four years ago we were the only redevelopers in the area — there are now five or six here. There are other projects that are on the boards or under construction that will further enhance property values. We believe this is certainly an up and coming area, especially since many of our buyers — maybe even the majority of our buyers — are young couples. This will be a vibrant neighbourhood for them.

BBH: What made you decide to go with a British theme?

MG: It fits the demographics of the area. For example, the major street names around here are from the Victorian era of the United Kingdom.

BBH: How have sales been going?

MG: We’ve been very pleased with its initial reception. This is probably the most beautiful building of the three. The views are wonderful and the condos are much more liveable.

LB: We’ve heard from previous purchasers who live at 500 St. Clair and 530 St. Clair about what features and amenities they wanted, or what they felt like was missing from the condominium. We used that knowledge to move forward, and applied it to this building.

Actually, a lot of our potential purchasers [for the Barrington] are coming from 500 or 530 St. Clair — people who bought initially there and made a lot of money off their units but are now looking to upgrade to a larger condo in this building.

telephone BBH: The Barrington’s amenities are ultramodern — an automobile elevator, car sharing program, fitness centre, a fifth floor patio. Can you elaborate on what these amenities will offer?

MG: We pay attention to all the environmental advancements that are out in the marketplace and bring them to our buyers so that they will live with the thought that they are contributing to the ecology of our country.

LB: The car elevator is something that’s different to Toronto. It’s been done in Europe and the United States. We try to be on the leading edge of new technology. It’s something that I think will be a more common occurrence in Toronto.

BBH: Demand is growing for family sized condo units in Toronto, how was the Barrington responded to it?

MG: We have three bedroom floorplans as a response to that obvious need. In fact, we are contemplating redesigning one or two more floors with fewer, but larger units.

BBH: Any personal recommendations for nearby shopping, dining, entertainment attractions?

LB: Starbucks really believes in the neighbourhood — the one here on the corner is actually one of the most successful Starbucks in Toronto.

MG: There are a couple of great new restaurants — Catch is one of the best seafood restaurants in Toronto. Also, Ferro is a marvelous Italian restaurant just west of here.

BBH: Thanks for chatting with us!

Potential buyers can register online to learn more about The Barrington Condominium Flats. The sales centre is now open at 522 St. Clair Avenue West.

For more information, please call 416 410 4444.

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