Photos: Jasper Eustace

One of the nine “special” rooms in Amsterdam’s 270-room Volkshotel, the Edmund suite looks like a surrealist art installation.

Designed by Dutch architects Jos Blom and Jasper Eustace, the centerpiece of the green-striped room is a bizarrely shaped wooden pod that includes a bed, shower, sink and toilet on the first level. Up a small flight a stairs visitors will find a full bathtub and a small cactus garden.

pod hotel-2 photo: Arend Loerts pod hotel-3

The room, according to the hotel, is for “intrepid adventurers”:

Sleep in a hollow bay, shower under a waterfall and bath on top of a mountain among a cactus garden. Climb to the top and plant your flag, it’s only a little bit smaller than Mount Everest.

Our other favorite special room at Volkshotel is Cabin in the Woods, complete with a treehouse-inspired bedroom and hammock flooring.

Cabin-in-the-woods-2-photo-Mark-Groeneveld-1024x680 cabin hotel-1

Check out all nice special rooms here and then book your stay at the Volkshotel over here.

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