Sure, most of these rooms would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to recreate in your own home, but going to the movies is so expensive these days you’d probably see a return on your investment before Hollywood reboots the Spider-Man franchise again.

home theater-5 Photo: Kipnis Studio Standard

The $6-million home theater of Jeremy Kipnis, CEO and chief designer of Kipnis Studio Standard, a company that specializes in custom home theater design. More info here.

home theatre Photo: imgur

Inspired by Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, this submarine screening room is 20,000 kinds of awesome.

home theater Photo: imgur

And here’s another Nautilus-themed setup.

star wars home theatre star-wars-home-theater-3 Photos: imgur

The force is strong with this one. Indeed, Death Star-like space even includes a life-size statue of Han Solo frozen in carbonite — Jabba the Hutt’s favorite decoration!

home theater-1 Photo: imgur

The movie room of this San Francisco townhouse in Lenox Hill is so opulent it even has its own balcony. Want a private screening? You can buy the entire 19-room home for a paltry $98 million.

game of thrones Photo: imgur

The perfect room to host your next Game of Thrones viewing party.

wine cellar home theater Photo: RedFin

Wine cellar > popcorn stand.

stadium home theater Photo: imgur

Three cheers for this sports lover’s cinema.

baseball home theater Photo: furnizz

Also the above ode to baseball.

home theater-6 Photo: piximus

The star ceiling will make you feel like you’re at the drive-in.

home theater bed Photo: imgur

This room isn’t so much about the screen as it is the hybrid couch-bed.

home theater-4 Photo: imgur


batman home theater Photo: Elite HTS

The home theater Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

bachelor home theater Photo: imgur

Hooray for beer holders in reclining chairs.

classic home theatre Photo: hdliving

A classic design for lovers of classic cinema.

star-trek-home-theater Photos: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Just one of the Star Trek-themed rooms in this $35 million Florida estate.

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