Garrison Point

Located at 30 Ordnance Street, Garrison Point is next door to plenty of public spaces, transit options and cafes and restaurants.

The 516-unit project is located in a corner of the city that currently has a lot going for it and is constantly welcoming new additions. Just a 10-minute walk away from the site, the June Callwood Park recently celebrated its opening at 636 Fleet Street.

Named after the beloved journalist and city activist, the park’s design is focused on the idea of unstructured play. At 0.4-hectares in size, its home to a reflecting pool, granite paving, a hedge maze, bright pink rubberized benches and surfacing and over 300 different tree species.

The multi-disciplinary firm gh3 won the competition seeking ideas for the space. In their unique vision, the park physically traces the voiceprint of Callwood’s comment, “I believe in kindness.” The undulations seen in the recording are manifested by paths running north to south throughout the park, creating an abstract geometric pattern of clearings within the groves of trees. It’s a sight to behold from the buildings with views of the park!

The park is also home to the City’s first permanent sound-based piece of public art and the first permanent public commission in Toronto by Montreal-based artists Stephen Bates and Douglas Moffat.

The installation, known as OKTA, is modelled after the idea of a “sound cloud.” The artwork captures the movement of clouds with a special camera. The changes up above influence the sounds coming from the 24 separate sound making columns built within the park.

It’s a park that’s sure to delight kids and adults alike.

Newly opened this fall, the Fort York Visitor’s Centre is located just north of the Gardiner Expressway at the entrance to the 43-acre the National Historic Site. Designed by Patkau Architects and Kearns Mancini Architects, the award-winning space houses a number of exhibits including an 480 square foot vault designed to display sensitive artifacts, a 2,900-square foot exhibit gallery, an orientation theatre and an ‘immersive experience’ exhibit, which takes visitors through the history of the Battle of York and the explosion of the fort’s Grand Magazine.

The neighbourhood also recently welcomed a new library and there are plenty of other plans and perks on the way including the Fort York pedestrian and cycle bridge, a new link that will take residents over the railway corridor just west of Fort York. It’ll provide easier access between the City, Fort York and the waterfront by connecting Stanley Park to the north and the western area of Fort York grounds to the south.

It’s clear that the Cityzen, Diamondcorp and Fernbrook Homes chose a neighbourhood that’s growing and seeing new amenities, parks and pathways at every corner. If you want to experience it all, visit the sales centre of Garrison Point, located at 35 Strachan Ave. to learn more about the project.

Suites range is size from 496 square feet to 2,256-square feet.

For more information contact 416 278 8071.

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