wythe Do you fancy fixed gear bicycles, sipping espresso and writing poems on an antique typewriter? Well then, perhaps Williamsburg is the neighbourhood for you. The hipster lifestyle is expensive, and this basement-to-roof terrace home is no exception, with a nearly $4 million dollar price tag. Distinguished by bountiful green space, Wythe Lane Townhouses have quickly become the most sought-after, single family homes this side of the East River.

1st & lower

2nd & 3rd

4th & rooftop Size: 3,775 square feet

Price: $3,995,000

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Development: Wythe Lane Townhouses

Developers: KUB Capital

Highlight: Each townhome provides a private entry via an artfully landscaped lane with an overhead trellis that yields both shade and privacy.

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