At a Toronto Star-hosted mayoral debate on Monday night, Doug Ford claimed that the city’s residential developers weren’t using the Eglinton LRT in their promotional materials because, in essence, LRT access doesn’t matter to homebuyers.

“The Hullmark Centre: Tridel is partnering with Hullmark. And they have huge signs saying ‘subway access, subway access, subway access.’ My friends, I have yet to see anything that says ‘LRT access. LRT access. LRT access.’ They wouldn’t sell one single condo,” Ford said.

The Toronto Star fact checked this claim and found it was one of 23 inaccurate statements made by Ford during the debate, noting a few builders, including Tridel, advertise LRT access in promotional materials.

We thought we’d see how many LRT mentions we could spot in brochures and online. Check them out below:

Empire’s The Hub

The Hub

Bazis, RioCan and Metropia’s E Condos

E Condos

Freed and CD Capital’s 155 Redpath

155 Redpath

Tower Hill Development’s 2221 Yonge

2221 Yonge

BSaR Group’s The Hill

The Hill

Tridel’s 101 Erskine

101 Erskine

RoyalPark Homes’ The Bean

The Bean

RoyalPark Homes’ Baker Street Residences

Baker Street Residences

Here’s a handy map of these condo developments:

Images snapped by @BuzzBuzzRyan

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