The Station 1

We took our first trip of the fall out to The Station last week to get an update from the Brandy Lane Homes team on how construction is progressing as we near the end of 2014.

We can’t quite pinpoint the reason why — maybe it was the impending Thanksgiving holiday weekend or the thought of the two-topped off towers — but we were exceedingly sentimental during our TTC journey up to Wilson Station and the subsequent short walk over to the site.

After all, it’s been more than two years since we made our first trip up to document The Station’s journey from concept to reality. Excavation had only just begun and Brandy Lane’s David Hirsh spoke excitedly about how construction on the 388 unit project would progress.

A year ago we were on-site scoping out The Station as work was being completed on the fourth floor.

Does time fly or what? During our most recent visit, we traveled up to the seventh floor amenities space where the pool has been poured. We made our way down to see a number of suites on the lower floors where framing has been finished with some suites even sporting drywall.

Finally, we made our way outside to check out the exterior where bricklayers have made significant headway. We also had a chance to spend some time in the lobby which, though far from finished, still looked very impressive.

The first move-ins are scheduled for 2015, so we’re nearing the final phase of our Dig to Done series at The Station. Enjoy our photos below!

The Station 2

Looking up at the topped off west tower.

The Station 3

Heading up to the seventh floor amenity space and looking out at the east tower.

The Station 4

The seventh floor amenity space.

The Station 5

The view of the Toronto skyline from the seventh floor.

The Station 6

The pool on the seventh floor amenity space will have great views looking north.

The Station 7

One of the suites on the lower floors where significant progress on the drywalling has been made.

The Station 8

Heading back outside we saw how much progress had been made by the bricklayers on the exterior.

For more information on The Station, please call 416 398 9777.

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