TD Bank plans to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Regent Park community, the bank’s vice president announced Thursday.

The $250,000 donation dovetails the bank’s new sponsorship of the community’s learning centre, which opened in 2010 with the support of  The Daniels Corporation.

“We’re looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with the centre,” said Ron McInnis, TD’s senior vice president. “We are very proud to be contributing to this beautiful space and to the programs and to the community.”

The donation will go towards supporting the centre’s programs and services, starting with a new financial literacy course that encourages young people to teach managing skills to their parents.

“As part of the financial services industry, I think that’s a fantastic initiative that’s got long value to the community,” McInnis said.

The centre has partnered with colleges, universities and institutions, including Toronto Community Housing, in the past to offer programs spanning catering classes to math courses.

“I think the TD one [partnership] is going to be a very fun one because I can think of many ways that we can get [them] involved in a lot of different programs,” said the centre’s manager, Agazi Afewerki.

About 10,000 people came through the centre’s doors last year, Afewerki said.

Daniels, in partnership with Toronto Community Housing, is the developer behind Regent Park’s revitalization project that began in 2005 to give the community more infrastructure, amenities and housing. The third and final phase of the revitalization began this spring.

Heela Omarkhail of Daniels said that while the corporation is passing the sponsorship torch on to TD, they are not breaking ties with the learning centre.

“We’re definitely still going to be involved with the centre and the community at large at finding different ways to add our creativity and resources and keep building a sustainable relationship with the centre,” she said.

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