As a counterpoint to last week’s collection of beautifully simple minimalist rooms, here’s a roundup of living spaces that take their cues from maximalism — a design aesthetic of excess and redundancy. You know, because less more is more.

maximalist room-4 Photo: MMR Interiors

Interior design by Melissa Miles Rufty, named one of Architectural Digest’s “Ones to Watch 2013.”

maximalist room Photo: Hatfield House

Behold England’s lavish Hatfield House, built in 1611 by Robert Cecil, First Earl of Salisbury and Chief Minister to King James I.

maximalist room-1 Photo: treeingger

Are angelic statuettes and flower-draped chandeliers tacky or tasteful? You decide.

maximalist room-7 Photo: Pinterest

What your college history professor’s home looks like.

maximalist room-2 Photo: domainhome

Cool lawn chair boardroom, guys!

maximalist room-3 Photo: domainhome

Commercial kitchen meets backwoods hunting lodge.

maximalist room-6 Photo: Brooklyn Museum

A yarn-bombed room by New York City artist Allyson Mitchell.

maximalist room-8 Photo: imgur

There’s no quicker route to maximalist bliss than garish wallpaper.

maximalist-9 Photo: thesymmetric

There’s a kitchen in there somewhere.

maximalist room-9 Photo: Sotheby’s

This one actually seems kind of cozy.

red brick room Photo: imgur

One of our 19 favorite lovely lofts, this busy Boston apartment looks like a set on Happy Days.

maximalist room-10 Photo: casasugar

The 1960s vomited on this room.

home-library-8 Photo: LvivAlive

This bookish hoarder should consider buying an e-reader.

maximalist room-11 Photo: Babylon Sisters

Presumably this home is occupied by a palm-reader.

maximalist room Photo: Pinterest

Double the clutter with wall mirrors.

maximalist room-1 Photo:

The Philippine home of artists Cesare and Jean Marie Syjuco. More info and photos this way.

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