The following is a sponsored story from LNG Studios, an architectural animation and 3D rendering studio based in Vancouver. The firm is a technology leader in the space and its clients include some of the top developers in North America.

Whistler Private Residence

Would you be confident in placing a bet on any of these renderings if they were shown side-by-side with real photos? Given the incredible attention to quality and detail, we’re guessing no.

From their headquarters in Vancouver and satellite office in San Francisco, forward-thinking architectural rendering company LNG Studios is building a reputation as one of the top firms in North America. As their profile rises, LNG has established an impressive roster of clients and committed to investing in new technology to push the business forward.

In cities like Vancouver, where thousands of condo units are under construction, demand for renderings that will make the buyer forget that their unit hasn’t been created yet is high. But even as their business creating immaculate renderings for big-name developers like Intracorp and Onni continues to grow, LNG is introducing new 3D technology that they’re confident will change the way that real estate is marketed and sold.

Working with a Y Combinator Silicon Valley start-up, LNG is pioneering new technology that helps marketing and sales teams create immersive experiences of interior spaces using a 3D scanner and proprietary software. They’re the first company to bring this technology to Canada and one of only a handful of firms who use it in the world.

The scanner can calculate interior dimensions with an astonishing degree of accuracy. It captures objects, colors and textures and, in under an hour, will create a 3D model of the scan.

Potential buyers and renters can navigate the interior space from a first-person perspective like a video game. These new technologies will also give users the ability to manipulate furniture pieces, decor and finishings with the push of a button in real time.

Seeing is believing, so have a look at the video below for a peek behind the scenes and about their process:

And while you’re at it, take a look at a small collection of lifelike renderings produced by LNG to see if you can tell them apart from the real thing:

Bathroom Interior 1001 California Street Bathroom Interior – 1001 California Sreet, The Burrard Group, San Francisco, CA

Penthouse Lobby Private Residence in Vancouver Penthouse Lobby – Private Residence in Vancouver, BC

Exterior Q16 Handmade Developments Vancouver Exterior, Q16 – Handmade Developments. Vancouver, BC

River Park Place Intracorp Richmond Interior Rendering – River Park Place, Intracorp – Richmond, BC

Interior Drawing Room 838 Broughton Street Interior Drawing Room, 838 Broughton Street, Chard Developments, Victoria, BC

Interior Dollhouse Side Cut Rendering Open Concept Developments Interior Dollhouse Side Cut Rendering – Open Concept Developments, Vancouver, BC

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