LEGO House CenterThe LEGO House – Experience Center

Last week, the first of six giant LEGO blocks were laid in Billund, Denmark, officially kicking off construction on The LEGO House — an 81,805 square-foot creative learning experience center. Designed by architecture firms Bjarke Ingels Group and Ralph Appelbaum Associates to resemble a pile of the company’s trademark toy blocks, the massive structure will open its doors in 2016 and is expected to welcome 250,000 visitors annually.

The LEGO House is just one of the many steps the Danish brand has taken to blend the worlds of architecture and LEGO.

To commemorate the momentous event, we’ve gathered photos of the seven largest LEGO structures modelled after architectural landmarks (as according to the experts at Brickset).


1. Taj Mahal, India

Taja Mahal LEGOPhoto:

Block Count: 5922
Height: 16 Inches
Width: 20″
Retail Price: $299.99 USD
Year Released: 2009

Since its release five years ago, the Taj Mahal LEGO set has maintained its place as the largest official LEGO product in existence. Released for only a limited time, brand new sets are hard come by and can fetch upwards of $2,000 online.

2. Tower Bridge, United Kingdom

Tower Bridge LEGOPhoto:

Block Count: 4287
Height: 17″
Width: 10″
Length: 40″
Retail Price: $239.99 USD
Year Released: 2007

The third largest LEGO product out of an estimated 9,000, the Tower Bridge is only beat out of second place by the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon.

3. Eiffel Tower, France

Lego Gif Eiffel TowerSource: The Brick Show

Block Count: 3428
Height: 42.5″
Base: 20 X 20″
Retail Price: $199.99 USD
Year Released: 2007

Among the tallest of LEGO’s models, the finished structure is built to 1:300 scale from the real Eiffel tower. The GIF above puts its massive size into perspective.

4. Sydney Opera House, Australia 

Lego Gif SydneySource: LEGO

Block Count: 2989
Height: 11″
Width: 25″
Length: 15″
Retail Price: $320 USD
Year Released: 2013

Recommended for ages 16+, the Sydney Opera House LEGO set is no cakewalk!

5. Statue of Liberty, USA

Statue of Libert Lego 2Photo:

Block Count: 2882
Height: 33″
Retail Price: $199 USD
Year Released: 2000

The model was the first to use Sand Green LEGO bricks.

6. SkyLine, USA

Skyline LEGOPhoto:

Block Count: 2747
Retail Price: $130″
Year Released: 2005

Among the landmark structures featured in the box set are Chicago’s Willis Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

7. Robie House, USA

Robbie HousePhoto:

Block Count: 2276
Height: 4.5″
Width: 16.5″
Length: 7.5″
Retail Price: $200 USD
Year Released: 2011

Only released for a limited time, the LEGO model is a replica of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright designed building in Chicago.

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