A Means to an End Images: Michael Kerbow

Portents is a chilling series of acrylic and oil paintings by San Francisco-based artist Michael Kerbow that depict a future where our cities are overrun with cars, construction, people and pollution.

The painting above is titled “A Means to an End,” which, as Kerbow explains, has a dual meaning.

“On the one hand it could signify traveling from one place to another, like commuting in cars. Another interpretation could be the way that we are headed, and what’s leading to our ultimate demise.”

A terrifying thought to be sure, but the paintings are beautiful. We particularly enjoy “Dominion,” which depicts a very Burj Khalifa-like tower looming over a crowded cityscape.


Also, “Diminishing Returns.”

Diminishing Returns

And the aptly titled oil canvas “Their Refinement of the Decline.”

Their Refinement of the Decline

You can see the complete Portents series here.

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