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Canada is home to an incredible amount of weird and wonderful places to vacation. Whether you’re looking to get back to nature or live it up in the big city, it’s home to every possible type of accommodation.

We took a cross-country trip via Airbnb to find some of the coolest listings around. A treehouse, a castle, a micro-house and a yurt are just a few of the options available.


A cozy and exceptionally classy Quebec City condo

Quebec City Aibnb

QuebecCity Condo

Quebec City Airbnb

Airbnb Quebec City

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $285 per night (entire condo)

The brick walls in this two-storey downtown condo make us swoon.

A modern cottage in the wilderness of Golden, British Columbia

Airbnb BC

Golden BC

airbnb Golden BC cottage

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $399 per night (entire space)

Who says roughin’ it in the woods has to be rustic? This uber-modern space is a minimalist’s dream.

A cute Signal Hill house in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Signal Hill Airbnb

Airbnb Signal Hill
Airbnb St Johns
Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $540 per night (entire space)

See the sunrise first: this house on St. John’s harbour is the most easterly guest house in North America.

A Yukon Yurt

Yukon Yurt

airbnb yukon

Yukon Airbnb Yurt

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $110 a night (full space)

This hand crafted Mongolian yurt is set among 21 private acres of space if you want to get away from it all.

A loft in a former Toronto clock tower

Clocktower Loft Toronto

Airbnb Toronto clocktower

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $499 a night (entire condo)

The Quasimodo jokes are entirely worth it.

A rotating house in Rustico, PEI

Rotating House PEI

PEI rotating house

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $200 a night (one 645-square foot condo in building)

Every suite in this famous round house gets an ocean view. During the day, the the entire house slowly rotates.

An artistic Montreal loft

Montreal loft airbnb

Airbnb Loft Montreal

Artist Loft montreal

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $299 per night (full loft)

This 1,500-square foot loft in Old Montreal gets such great light you’ll immediately want to dust off your easel.

A luxury log home in Canmore, Alberta

Airbnb Canmore log houseCanmore log houseAirbnb Canmore Loghouse

 Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $400 per night (entire home)

We were initially skeptical of a listing that promised a “luxury log home” but it more than delivered.

A colourful former church in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

NS church

Converted Church Airbnb

Airbnb converted church NS

coverted church Nova Scotia

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $149 per night (entire house)

The re-invented property kept all the best elements of the existing structure.

A houseboat in Yellowknife Bay in the Northwest Territories

Yellowknife houseboat

houseboat yellowknife airbnb

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $150 per night (private room)

Don’t let the pictures fool you – the floating home has all the comforts of land-locked houses but with much better harbour views.

An architect’s penthouse in Edmonton

Edmonton penthouse

Airbnb Edmonton

Edmonton penthouse airbnb

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $600 a night (entire condo)

This colourful home atop an Edmonton condo building can be seen from across the city and has been written up in design mags like Dwell.

A Sunshine Coast stunner in Roberts Creek, British Columbia

Sunshine Coast Airbnb

Roberts Creek Airbnb

Airbnb Roberts Creek

Airbnb Sunshine Coast

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $500 per night (entire house)

Those beams!

A most perfect Maritime cottage in Hubbards, Nova Scotia

rose bay cottage airbnb

airbnb rose bay

NS Rose Bay airbnb

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $265 per night (full cottage)

Old-timey screen door? Check. Antique wood stove? Check. Gingham-covered chair? Check. Somehow this space manages to be cute without being saccharine.

A treehouse among the aspens of Millarville, Alberta

airbnb treehouse

Alberta treehouse airbnb

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $100 per night

Your childhood dreams realized in one woodsy home.

A monochromatic condo in Vancouver, British Columbia

Gastown Vancouver Airbnb

Airbnb Vancouver

Vancouver minimalist condo

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $325 per night (entire condo)

This 1,400-square foot loft in the historic Gastown ‘hood goes all-in for all-white.

An entire castle in Downtown Toronto, Ontario

Toronto castle airbnb

airbnb toronto castle

De la salle castle Toronto

Photos: Airbnb

Rate: $2499 a night (entire structure)

The perfect place for a princess or someone who just really, really likes turrets.

A micro-house in Centreville, Nova Scotia

micro cottage Nova Scotia

Tiny house Nova Scotia

micro house nova scotia

Tiny House centreville NS

Photo: Airbnb

Rate: $98 per night (entire house)

This wee thing measures just 170-square feet, (plus two lofts) and is the full-time home of the couple who built the space. And yes, that is a wine barrel shower.

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