Our latest collection of real estate marketing don’ts (warning: some of these are NSFW).

Tough market? Desperate times call for desperate pleas

desperate real estate Photo: imgur

I’d like to buy a different vowel

bad real estate Photo: imgur

The cat lover’s agent

cat real estate agent Photo: imgur

Too soon

bad real estate listing Photo: imgur

Ears-ly the worst pun ever

realtor pun-1 realtor pun-2 Photos: imgur

Probably the best pun ever

realtor name Photo: imgur

Definitely not a doctored image

bad real estate listing Photo: imgur

Also, this online ad from soggy Seattle

seattle real estate listing Photo: imgur

It sold!

We’ll go out on a limb and say Rich works alone

bad real estate ad Photo: imgur


not haunted real estate zombie real estate Photos: imgur, imgur

Should have considered a name change

bad real estate name-2 bad realtor name bad real estate agency name

bad real estate agent name-1

bad real estate agent name-2 bad real estate agent name-3 Photos: imgur

But this guy definitely should not

awesome realtor name Photo: imgur

Mother knows best

mom testimonial Photo: imgur

This print ad was probably a huge hit in the late 1990s

dr evil realtor Photo: imgur

Remember to use spell check

spell check Photo: imgur

And a cropping tool

crop tool Photo: terriblerealestatephotographer

Homebuying and marital advice on one billboard

realtor advice Photo: imgur

If Data from Star Trek were a real estate agent

nerd real estate ad Photo: imgur

Confidence is key

worst real estate ads featured Photo: parkridgeunderground

And finally, this photo attached to an online listing

bad real estate ad-1 Photo: Bad Realty Photos/Twitter

Want more real estate ad fails? Click herehere and here. Have some of your own to share? Contribute to the ongoing discussion here.

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